News: 方言恋愛 Vol.3 + 4 announced

Hougen Renai 3 was already anounced, but now a special page for volume 4 has also been created! More dialect goodness is coming our way~

Volume 3 has Fukuoka and Niigata. The character from Fukuoka, Kunitake Yoshito (CV: Ueda Yuuji) is a priest. The story seems to be about a high school student who comes to Fukuoka to see the university before her entrance exams. Kunitake decides to relieve her of her exam stress by (forcefully) dragging her around the place.

The Niigata character, Oumi Keigo(CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) is an actor. He meets the heroine on the shinkansen where she helps him with something, and to thank her he takes her to a museum and shows her around. According to the staff it is a 'story as pure as white snow".

Two reasons to look forward to this volume: Kyuushuu-ben, which I've found to be utterly incomprehensible at times (just listen to the voice samples, you'll understand what I mean), and Hirakawa Daisuke!! The staff remark about Hirakawa-san his story being so pure made me smile, His voice samples also sound very cute!

Volume 4 has Ibaraki and Nagano. The character from Ibaraki, Shibamori Yoshiyuki (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) is a station attendant. The heroine meets him when she forgot something is the train. Shibamori seems to rather timid and his hobby is gardening.

The Nagano character, Hodaka Souji(?) (CV: Hatano Wataru) is a mailman xD The heroine meets him on a vacation in Nagano. In the beginning there seem to be some misunderstandings but they grow closer as time passes.

The first thing I thought when I saw this volume was uniforms!! (>w<) *cough* Haha, as you can see both characters are in uniform, making me interested already. (am I easy to catch or what?). While I have heard Maeno-san his voice before I can't really recall Hatano-san his voice. I knew his name so I'm certain I must have heard hime before but... either way neither seiyuu can be used to catch me, but the dialect love must be spread (and they have uniforms) so I shall "sacrifice" myself and review it when it comes out.

I need to hurry and review volume 2 first...

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