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God Child

This CD was a limited edition that people could order through the Hana to Yume (the magazine in which God Child was published). It has two stories; 'The Crooked Little House', and 'The sound of a boy hatching'. The first story is about a young girl that collects dolls, the second one tells how Cain and Riff met each other.

God Child is a manga by Kaori Yuki, and this is one of the three Drama CDs that were made. God Child shows the -often rather macabre- adventures of the young Count Cain (CV: Ishikawa Hideo) and his butler, Riff (CV: Sugita Tomokazu). A little later in the series Cain his younger (half) sister Merrywheather (CV: Mizuhashi Kaori) also starts living with them.

The first story is about a young girl that collects dolls. Dolls that were once living people. When Merryweather her private teacher ms. Fenning (CV: Hikita Yumi) goes missing she sets of in search for her and meets the young Rebecca (CV: Chiba Chiemi), who sees Merryweather as a nice new addition to her collection.

I vaguely remember this story from the manga, but not well enough to say how closely it follows the original. But because the second story follows the original almost to the word, I assume that this one is accurate as well. The music in this one was very good, the main theme is so spooky it already gives you shivers in the first scene, where it turns out that Merryweather was only doing her reading exercises.

The second story tells how Cain and Riff met each other when Cain was still a child (CV: Tsumura Makoto). This one follows the original manga almost word for word, to the point were at some points it might not be clear what was going on exactly in some scenes if you don't know the manga. One of these scenes is the death of Agusta (CV: Kojima Sachiko) - in the manga this was a beautiful and very dramatic scene, but I can't help but feel that the same scene in the drama lacks of that dramatic feeling.

If you know the series I absolutely recommend this drama CD, it does a great job in recreating the atmosphere of the manga. The cast is good, but don't know whether I like Koyasu Takehito or Sugita Tomokazu better as Riff. I love Koyasu so I'm partial towards him, but on the other hand Sugita sounds a lot more gentle - the way I imagined Riff his voice.

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