Full Score 01 -side Rock-

 Full Score 01 -side Rock-

This is the first part of three CDs that have music as their main theme (the others are Classic and Jazz). It seems like the CDs will not be directly related, except for making vague, or less vague,  references to each other.

I somewhat expected the standard talk cd where a guy/boyfriend talks to you but with a musical theme. Turns out I was completely wrong . Both Characters interact with each other while Oki (the left one) also explains what is going on and Baba (the right one) generally creates more and more trouble.

Oki is a fourth year student at a music university and member of the K-on (music) club, his everyday life is mainly being ordered around by whims of his senpai, Baba Youhei (who was is actually a few years older but still hasn't graduated). Oki seems rather calm for someone who was in a rock band, Baba on the other hand has the outgoing personality you;d expect. Or rather, a completely impossible personality xD Throughout the story Baba keeps causing trouble that Oki tries to solve, or at least he is the one that has to clean up afterwards.

The story was simple and mostly consists of the conversations between the two, but it was hilarious to listen too. The amount of references (especially to music station music shows and Weekend Millionair quiz shows or various anime make everything even funnier. They also make references to the next volume of FULL SCORE, both in the story and in the -appropriately named- rather strange preview. I'm glad that they didn't (ab)use Oki his backstory (he was in a band before but quit) to create too much drama, this way the drama stayed light and funny without any mood whiplashes.

The last three tracks have nothing to do with the rest of the story and are a mix of randomness and music knowledge. And it turns out that Baba was based on Bach... I'm missing the link between a famous classical composer and the half delinquent drummer but hey xD (well, their names do sound similar). Oki was based on a Japanese composer who's name I've forgotten xD.

Looking at the cast names (Yusa Kouji and Yoshino Hiroyuki) I would have expected the roles to be reversed. Probably because I've mainly heared Yoshino act out delinquent and/or snobbish characters. So I was pleasently surprised by Yoshino his sweet kouhai voice. Yusa's 'rockstar imitation' that he does somewhere in the drama on the other hand is incredibly annoying and hilarious at the same time.

I'm looking forward to the next volume, but most off all I want to hear the Jazz one (I love Jazz :3  )

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