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This is a blog dedicated to introducing various Japanese Drama CD (series). Though I have attempted to listen to Drama CDs before, I seriously started listening to Drama CDs in the summer of 2009. Before that my Japanese wasn't good enough to fully understand what was being said, but more importantly it was a rather boring summer and I needed something to do or listen to while going outside.

Being a fan of all things Alice in Wonderland, the first series that truly made me addicted was Are you Alice? - a brilliantly twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice is male. After listening to the entire series, I started looking for other series and have been listening to various Drama's ever since.

Besides trying to explain what Drama is, I'll be introducing and reviewing random Drama CDs that I have been listening too. While I listen to a broad range of things, one of the only things that you probably won't find here are BL CD's. For all the weird stuff I listen too, I've never really been interested in them.

As this blog is only dedicated to introducing/reviewing Drama CDs, please don't ask me where to find or download them. I'd much rather you'd support the makers by buying the actual CDs through Amazon, CD Japan, Yes-asia or any other import site you prefer. ('-'*)⌒゚~*☆ウフフ♪

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  1. I just found your blog and quite honestly I'm in love with it, it's not every day I find new places to read about the drama cds I like so.
    I'll be lurking often.

    Ps. How come I hadn't really looked into Hougen Renai until I saw your entry for the series? I need to catch up before vol.4 is released~